Juni 26, 2013

hai everybody. long time no post. today i just want to share my one fine day having photoshoot for my friend's portfolio.

My bestfirend, just went back to Indonesia since 4 weeks ago. He loves photography so much and asked my help to be a model for his portfolio. and here are some of the portfolios. The location of the photoshoot is on Taman Menteng Jakarta and Eco Park Ancol.

top by H n M. shorts by F21. bag by own collection

blue denim shirt by 3 second. 

It's really a tired day but really fun. so hope can greeting you again guys on my blog. Have you all a nice day! :)

Februari 03, 2012

valentine business

hello everybody..have you realized that time really moves fast.. feel like yesterday was a new year but now we have passed one month in 2012 and now it's February! yippiee..
you know, entering every new month always brings me a new spirit and a new positive thought. agree with me? :)

this is February, everybody called it a month full of love because February is identical with Valentine. that's right, i wish February will bring me lots of love.. ihiyy. it's not about sharing love only to a boy or a girl, Valentine means share lots of love to your family or friends and everybody..

so do you ready to share the love to others? what will you do in Valentines day? here there is.. i want to share about mine..

Since February, 1st , i help my sister manage the orders about Valentine Card. You know, my sister is super duper creative.. She loves making handmade cards. of course it's a special edition, you cant find it at others store or at the bookstore..

i will show you about my sister card's collection.. here are the pics :
ist this so lovely? :)

nah, besides the cards, my sister also makes photo frame, tags and chocolate box.. here are the pics :

this is the chocolate box, you can fill it with your chocolates

this is the tags ( you can use it as bookmarks)
little cards
and the frames

arent there cute enough? hehehe

 for more pics, please go to  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melz-Handmade/238509252880283
go and like the pages!
maybe if you want to give your love the cards or frames, you can order from my sista. it's special handmade cards on best quality with adorable prices :D

there are still so many collection of my sis's cards.. just check it. .:)

cheers ,



Oktober 20, 2011

a little message behind the life

yang tinggal di gunung, merindukan pantai
yang tinggal di pantai, merindukan gunung

di musim kemarau, merindukan musim hujan
di musim hujan, merindukan musim kemarau

yang berambut hitam mengagumi yang pirang
yang berambut pirang mengagumi yang hitam

di dalam rumah merindukan berpergian
setelah berpergian merindukan rumah

ketika masih jadi karyawan ingin jadi entrepeneur supaya punya kebebasan
begitu jadi entrepeneur ingin jai karyawan supaya tidak pusing

saat masih bujangan, ingin mempunyai pacar ganteng dan pacar cantik
begitu sudah mendapat disia-siakan

saat masih bujangan, ingin punya suami baik hati ganteng dan istri cantik baik hati
begitu sudah mendapatkan, ingin mendapat yang biasa-biasa aja agar tidak cemburu.

punya anak satu mendambakan punya banyak anak
punya banyak anak mendambakan punya satu anak saja

kita tidak pernah bahagia sebab segala sesuatu tampak indah hanya sebelum dimilki, namun setelah dimiliki tak indah lagi.

kapankah kebahagiaan akan didapatkan kalau kita hanya selalu memikirkan apa yang tidak ada di depan mata, namun mengabaikan yang sudah dimiliki tanpa rasa syukur?
Semoga kita menjadi pribadi yang selalu bersyukur dengan semua yang sudah kita miliki.

bagaimana mungkin selembar daun kecil dapat menutupi bumi, menutupi sebuah telapak tangan saja sullit.
namun, bila daun kecil ini menempel di mata kita, maka tertutuplah bumi.
begitu juga hati ditutupi pikiran buruk sekecil apapun, maka kita akan melihat keburukkan di mana-mana. bumi ini pun tampak buruk.
Jangan menutup mata kita, walaupun hanya dengan selembar daun, dan jangan menutup hati kita walau hanya dengan sebuah pikiran buruk.
Bila hati kita tertutup, tertutuplah semua.

Mensyukuri apapun yang terjadi dan apapun yang ada, karena hidup adalah anugreah bagi jiwa-jiwa yang ikhlas.

semoga bisa menjadi inspirasi :) take care of you all..

xoxo, lid

Oktober 16, 2011

pretty little thing called love

hi there.. just want to post about love. :D

Everybody must be fall in love. Love is something beautiful, hard to explain.  It can make our days 10 times better but also can break our heart 10 times worse. When someone loves you, they don’t always have to say it. You can tell by the way they treat you. Even though sometimes love can be the worst part, but people just need to be reminded that they're loved. To love someone is nothing. To be loved by someone is something. To love and be loved by someone is everything

 this is the lyirc of a song titled " aloha " (korean songs). This is  a sweet song about a couple in Love.
Candle under the dark light
Our promise in the glasses of wine
I’ll always be staying with u for protecting u
Cause u are the one who trust me
What I wish is just one thing
Wish for the forever happiness
Even it’s not brilliant and dreamlike
It’s okay if ur with me
Don’t worry (I believe) Always (I believe)
I won’t forget this moment
For ur smile (I believe) in my arms
Won’t lose its light forever
Cause your love is so sweet you are my everything
This is not a sweet word just for this first night together
I’m not going to be changed
I’ll see only u always
Oh, oh, You light up my life you are the one in my life
Even I lose all my thing
I won’t regret, cause I have unchangeable love
For only u
For me, the most valuable thing for me is u, not me
I cannot swear in a word, however, I love only u
Sometimes like friends, sometimes like lovers, till the day I die, I love only u.
Always think that we’re the one
The trust which will not sway
I wish we share our sad and happy memories
Promise me (I believe) When ur undergoing the hard time (I believe)
I’ll be the shade for u
For ur smile(I believe)in my arms
Won’t lose its light forever
All I ever want is… your love

check it out..
  xoxo. lid :)

Oktober 05, 2011

just random things when i am stress :D

hellow.. im back.. :)
it has been a long time i dont write again.. i am so stressed about my assignments these days, it feels like kill me *lebay* surely, i don't like stress, but honestly many assignments in the same time makes me want to scream "aaaaa"..

have you ever heard that hard working will make you success? yes, i believe that. Work hard to the make a difference. Do not whine. If you do nothing, nothing Will Happen..    
it just so easy to talk like that, huh? i dont think that everyone never get bored and never get stressed with their work. right? there is a time when you feel you are really bored with what you are doing  and you want to do something else. as my friends sometimes share to me, "we are bored, how come assignments and quiz so many?' bla bla bla..
just remember to focus. what we are doing without focus means nothing. try to enjoy what you do, and get it maximum. a best result comes to you when you do something with all of your heart." It's all about loving it. If you do not love it, you can not do it. You just can not the make the sacrifices without the love"

dont complain too much, just do your best ..remember : Ambition without one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing.
so, when you are stress, you must have a trick to decrease your stress. take a little time to make you happy. Remember, when you do something with a happy heart, you can do it well :)

as my mom said, when you stress, try to boost and lighten up your heart.. when you do something with a bad mood, trust me, your works will be bad too..
and now, i just take a little time to decrease my stress.. i try to do something to boost my mood.. and guess, what have i done when i am stress.....:p  here is.. just random things.. i love shopping and fashion. i love taking a picture like many girls do. i love music, i love playing piano, i love watching korean dramas, i love eating.. etc
.. so these are randoms things i do when i try to boost my mood :p

dress up

shopping online or just window shopping, maybe i find something i can buy :p

go to salon :p
listen to music or just playing my piano or you-tube-ing to
 watch the orchestra or music video that i like 
take a good picture of myself
or just eat my favorite taste of ice cream :D
then in the weekend i will
hang out and 'haha hihi' with my best friends
going to fashion show
just playing and laughing outside with my little pretty cousins
go shopping with mom and my best friends :)
so many happy things we can do to destroy our stress.. what about you do when you are stress? hehe.. dont forget to pray to God and just be happy :) keep work hard with a little stress :D

dont forget to smile! Cheers :D

lid :)

Agustus 05, 2011

live your life with love, smile , and laugh!

We all want love in our life, we all want to laugh, we all want to stay happy all the time, but sometimes life can knock us down. so many things out of your control. Life is just not only about happiness. sometimes you may feel the unhappy feeling, maybe you are now feel sad and unlucky, but remember , dont ever forget to say thank you always for your life, God has a beautiful plan for His each child. When you are in the condition that you dont know where to go, what to do, just remember this .

LIVE your LIFE with Love

Remember , we are not promised tomorrow, if you have lost someone close to you, you know exactly what this means. So, live your life to the fullest.

Wake up each morning ready to face life, ready to learn something new, ready to try something new.
Let go of your cares and engage yourself in life.

LOVE yourself. How can you love anyone else if you don't truly love yourself first. Be good to yourself, take care of yourself. Don't let others abuse you and stand up for yourself. Love others. Be kind, give a smile, a kind word, a helping hand. There is no greater emotion than love, so show it to others and yourself.
"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."


Smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better. Smile to improve your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness. Smiling is just one fun way to live longer.

The power of smile :
1. Smiling Makes Us Attractive
2. Smiling Changes Our Mood

3. Smiling Helps You Stay Positive

4. Smiling Lifts the Face and Makes You Look Younger

Smile! Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It's hard. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that "Life is Good!" Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling.

When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.

Learn to laugh at yourself and at life. Laughter is a natural high. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh

Keep laughter in your life. Sometimes you have to laugh when it hurts, because it can change your mood, lift your spirits, and keep you from letting life's battle field take you down.

So dont forget to enjoy your life. Give your smile and love everyday. laugh as much as you can. :)

Juli 27, 2011

just saying hello :D

Yellow!!  exactly.
I make this blog out of boredom and .. guess I'm bored with facebook,  twitter, etc etc.. so why not try something new..
my confession is i dont know what to write here because i think im not too good in writting..I guess I'll write..anything? (just stay here)
Anyway i wish I'll get better in this blogging stuff. see ya

by the way,pardon my bad english. English isn't my first language. :D

and here is, helloowww! oink

upps, wrong picture hehehe LOL :D

here is my really pict 

hope i can continuously and keep writting :) God bless